Abu Dhabi Diary | Abu Dhabi, UAE

Visiting UAE was one of the most memorable trips of my life. I was really impressed by the fusion of cultures, incredible architecture, delicious food and of course, amazing shopping. We spent 5 days in Abu Dhabi and 5 days in Dubai. In this post I´m going to share some of my favourite moments from our time in Abu Dhabi.

For obvious reasons, the Great Mosque was one of the highlights of our trip. It´s made out of stunning Macedondian marble and the size of the place is really hard to grasp until you´re actually there. The intricate floral details on the floor were breathtaking. Visiting the Mosque is free which is great. It is necessary for women to wear a full-length hooded dress, but it´s provided for you at the door so don´t worry about packing anything.

We ate some of the most delicious Lebanese food at Le Beirut in the Jumeirah Etihad Towers.
The restaurant has lovely views and a very elegant vibe. We ate the traditional cold mezzah starters like tabouleh, fattoush, hummus, babaganoush and eggplant caviar. For the main course I ate rice stuffed veggies with tomato sauce and Nando had a selection of grilled meats (you should have seen the joy on his face while he ate). For dessert we ate a traditional Lebanese bread pudding made with rosewater, pistachios. It was topped with homemade date ice cream and made fresh for every order. Absolutely delicious meal and great experience listening to live music! Definite recommendation!

Here are a few photos of the amazing lobby at the Jumeirah Etihad towers. I was swooning over these macarons and the Christmas decor.

We spent a lot of our time relaxing on the beach of our hotel. These Havaiana´s were so comfortable and cute!

 Since we couldn't get enough of the Lebanese food. We also ate some more traditional Lebanese dishes at the Sambusek restaurant in the Rosewood Hotel. Again, we ate our favourite cold mezzah starters like tabouleh, fattoush, hummus, babaganoush, etc. This time we also tried fried kibbeh, minced meat flatbread and some delicious cheesy pastry. For dessert we had fresh fruit and amazing baklava. The terrace of the restaurant is seriously spectacular. Could be some of the best views in the city. We overlooked the bay and the skyscrapers. There were lanterns and fire pits with couches. The mood of this place was really amazing and the service was unbeatable! 

Photos by : Fernando

* A special thanks to Jumeirah Hotels, Rosewood Hotels and Havaiana´s for partnering with us on this post *

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