Nursery Reveal | Lintgen, Luxembourg

The nursery reveal is finally here! It´s been so hard not to share photos until everything was ready, but I am so glad I waited! As you remember, I have partnered up with IKEA to create the perfect nursery for our little girl. Everything from the shopping to the assembly was very comfortable and enjoyable! Fernando got some extra practice using a screw driver and I got to sit back and watch! ;)

As you saw in my previous post (here), I wanted to create a space that felt light, airy and quite gender neutral. I love the idea of adding pink touches to an otherwise simple colour scheme. The nursery space you see is actually a corner of our bedroom. We plan to share the space with the baby for at least 6 months and we are so glad our bedroom has not been transformed from our style to baby style since the furniture is so versatile.

We were able to furnish and decorate the entire space for around €1000! Buying everything you need for a new baby can be a daunting and expensive task, but IKEA´s unbeatable prices and wide range of products fit within anyone´s budget. There are different levels of pricing for various models so you can choose the items that best fit your needs and budget. Just remember to go in with a vision/plan because it´s easy to get distracted and go over budget with so many beautiful things around!

I´ve linked everything we bought from IKEA and listed the prices below so you can easily shop the items you like and design your dream nursery!

One last thing - I have some good news! You can now shop at IKEA online in Luxembourg! Although the closest IKEA (Arlon) is not too far, this is definitely a game changer.  I am already planning on ordering a new coffee table!

 Crib  €189
Mattress €139
Fitted Sheets €7.99
Dresser  €199
Succulent €2.99
Fig Tree €49.99
Floor Lamp €49.99
Laundry Basket €19.99
Side Table €14.99
Table Lamp €14.99
Candle Stick €7.99
LED Candle €3.99
Animal Figurine €9.99
Armchair €169
Carpet €79.99
Area Rug €34.99
Tall Dresser €119
Pink Blanket €29.99
Changing Pad €17.99
Ottoman €49.99

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