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As you might have noticed, it´s been a hot minute since I´ve posted here! If you follow me on Instagram you know that I´M PREGNANT! 30 weeks to be exact ;)
I have been giving you guys pretty regular updates and looks on my Instagram since this pregnancy journey started, but I wanted to take some time to say a little more about my experience, share unseen photos and just kind of get back into the whole blogging routine.

Here are some answers to the most asked questions I´ve received over the past 7 months!

Were you trying to get pregnant/how long did it take?
Yes, we were trying to get pregnant. At the time of conception we were just about to reach our 5 year anniversary and we really thought we were ready. We also knew that I we would like to (hopefully) start a family when I turned 30.
It took us 2 months to get pregnant which I feel very fortunate about. I know that fertility problems are very common.

Are you having a boy or girl? When did you find out?
We are having a girl! We found out the gender around week 11. The doctor told us she ´looks´like a girl and told us she was 80% sure. We didn't tell anyone or take it too seriously until about week 13 when our NIFTY/NIPT results came back and confirmed the gender was female.

Hardest pregnancy symptoms?
Either the general exhaustion or the recent pelvic pain - ouch!

Any tips for Morning Sickness?
I didn't suffer from morning sickness too badly, at least in comparison to some women I know. But I found I felt the most nauseous when I was hungry, so I tried to eat a little bit very frequently so I never felt very hungry. I was also really put-off by coffee in the first trimester, even the smell of it made me nauseous strangely enough. I guess that´s good though because it made it very easy to cut it out of my diet. I have heard Gatorade also really helps with morning sickness!

What will you name the baby? Was it hard to agree?
We aren´t going to announce the name to people other than family and friends until after she´s born. The only thing I will say about it is that people have told us it´s very classy ;)
It wasn't hard to agree for us at all. We knew the name had to be pronounced and EXIST in both English and Spanish (French was a plus too), so it was relatively easy to narrow the list down.

Are you afraid of giving birth overseas? Are you going to get an epidural?
Omg yes! I am scared of the birth in general because it´s so unknown and you hear so many horror stories. Luckily I will have Fernando by my side the entire time! And an English or Spanish speaking doctor...
Absolutely yes to the epidural!

How did you tell your families?
We told my immediate family over Skype. I told my mom first and then she set up a little surprise for my Dad and siblings that we watched them open up over Skype.
We told Fernando´s immediate family a couple weeks later in person with a heartfelt card and baby sock in a box.

Any pregnancy must-haves?
I would have to say Clarins Stretch Mark Minimizer for stretch marks, oversized sweaters, either maternity pants or elastic waist pants/skirts and either a pregnancy pillow or a long pillow to put between your knees at night.


How much weight have you put on?
So this is probably one of the most difficult parts of pregnancy so far. You know,  ´letting go´of your body. I am +12kg and 30 weeks pregnant. YIKES! My doctor doesn't seem worried about it and from what I´ve read online, I am in an okay range. My BMI before pregnancy was 18.2, so apparently a healthy weight gain range is between +12kg-18kg. At the moment the weight is really concentrated in my belly and a bit in my thighs ( I have to embrace my new cellulite I guess...) I am really curious to see what my final weight will be and even more curious to see how fast (and if) it will all come off.

Favourite apps?
I check The Bump and What To Expect every day. I love them!

Now here are some of my favourite pregnancy products as well as some unseen photos from the last 7 months!

In Cologne, Germany a few days before I found out I was pregnant. 

Exhausted in Cologne and didn't know why! Sadie also got SUPER snuggly.

July 17, 2018 - The day we found out we were expecting!

That morning I woke up to this view in front of our house. It seemed magical and a sign somehow. It´s the only time I´ve seen a hot air balloon in the 2.5 years we have lived in Luxembourg! And there were like 20!

First ultrasound and first time seeing the baby! She looked more like a bean than anything. I can´t believe how she´s grown!

We went on a cruise around the British Isles and North of France. I was in my first trimester and was sooo tired walking during excursions.

First 3D ultrasound of girly! This is when the doctor told us she was likely a girl. Only 11 weeks here!

I was so desperate to start showing - haha! I am pretty sure this was just bloating/a food baby.

She refused to leave my side during the first trimester. Instead of sleeping in her bed she would sleep on the floor.

When most of my clothes still fit me :(

Had a little gender reveal/ Thanksgiving party with my family in Canada! Here is my sister (right) and cousin (back).

Wedding of one of my oldest friends in Canada.

Maternity Style in Canada.

Exhausted from the jet lag!

Went to Mallorca for a few weeks in November.

We went on lots of nice ´preggers walks´as Nando calls them :)

Came back to Luxembourg for a few cold weeks.

Which was enough time to buy me a car!

And to have our first snow fall of the year!

Then we went to Sevilla and Jerez for Christmas!

And really enjoyed the sun.

Now we are back in Luxembourg and I am taking advantage of Sadie cuddles.


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